MUBARAK RESIGNS UPDATE: No Matter What Happens In Egypt, Glenn Beck Is Right

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Yesterday morning, after reports surfaced that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was going to resign later in the day, Glenn Beck said over the AM radio waves that this was more proof that his horsefeathers theory about the unrest in Egypt is correct: "Buckle up, gang. Buckle up. Everything I have said about Egypt -- everything I have said about Egypt -- we have been right on."

Later in the day, Mubarak spoke and refused to step down. Glenn Beck came on Fox News and declared that he's still one hundred percent right:

It's almost like everything that happens in Egypt proves Glenn Beck right, even when those things don't actually happen. And we have to nerve to call him a conspiracy theorist...

UPDATE: The breaking news is that Mubarak has, indeed, stepped down as president of Egypt today. Not surprisingly, Glenn Beck said on the radio this morning that this proves he was right:

Glenn Beck
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