Weekly Standard Keeps Advertising On Beck's Show As Beck Bashes Its Editor

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Glenn Beck has already lost more than 100 advertisers from his Fox News show -- and it seems he's doing his best to drive away another one.

Beck has been skirmishing with Weekly Standard editor William Kristol over Kristol's criticism of his conspiratorial ranting about the purported upcoming takeover of the Middle East by an Islamic caliphate. On yesterday's edition of his Fox News show, Beck declared that Kristol was a supposedly "trusted source" who is "out of step" on the issue, and that only one side can be right: his or Kristol's.

On today's show, Beck mocked Kristol and other critics as people who he would have considered credible 20 years ago who are now "comfortable in their jobs" and "comfortable with their titles," and who have "had their time in the sun" and won't do their homework -- unlike a random viewer of the show whom Beck happily highlighted.

Guess what was very first ad to air on the show both days? An ad for The Weekly Standard, which kicks off with Kristol introducing himself. Here's the ad from yesterday:

Here's the ad from today:

Given the mass exodus of prominent advertisers that has already occurred, should Beck really be working so hard to denigrate someone who has paid money to be in the very first commercial his viewers see?

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