One Of These Networks Cares About The News

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And one mostly cares about making a buck for its parent company.

Here's a study in contrasts. First, Christiane Amanpour's opening for this morning's edition of ABC's This Week:

You have the show's host on location in Cairo, with special coverage of the protests that have continued to erupt across Egypt. The program features taped segments on the street in Egypt, interviews with protestors, a taped exclusive with Hosni Mubarak, a live interview with the Egyptian ambassador to the U.S., and a panel discussion with reporters who have been on the ground in the country.

Now here's how Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace led off today's program:

He's also on location... at Cowboys Stadium for the Super Bowl. He's interviewing the NFL's commissioner, two former players, and a Fox Sports broadcaster, and moderating a panel of football analysts.

Did you catch his comment about how "one hundred million more of us will... watch on television"? It's no coincidence which network will be providing that coverage.

After all, Egypt will "be there next week."

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