Fox Nation's Edited Hit Job On Planned Parenthood

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You've got to hand it to Fox Nation: they really know how to do a hatchet job.

The Fox web site edited an article detailing hoax artist Lila Rose's latest video falsely accusing Planned Parenthood of facilitating sex trafficking, excising out the part where Planned Parenthood responds to the charge by pointing out that it contacted law enforcement and fired an employee.

Fox Nation:

What was said in the ellipses? Oh, only Planned Parenthood's response, which completely undermines Live Action's claim that the video reveals an "endemic problem":

Planned Parenthood fired the employee Tuesday night, hours after viewing the tape, and said that supervisors had immediately notified law enforcement of the alleged sex trafficking ring weeks earlier, after the encounter occurred. further reported that, in the latest video, "the Richmond clinic worker appears to act professionally and appropriately, informing the couple of their legal rights to privacy under the law" and "the legal guidelines for a minor seeking an abortion."

Fox Nation has since taken down the hatchet job on the ABC article, and replaced it with a quote from Reuters. Fox Nation still can't bring themselves to include Planned Parenthood's response on its page, ending right before Reuters writes:

A Planned Parenthood spokesman said in a written statement that the organization had notified local and federal authorities of the Virginia visit and that a counselor at the clinic "reacted professionally to the highly unusual person posing as a patient."

Is excluding Planned Parenthood's response an endemic problem?

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