Daily Show's Stewart Responds To O'Reilly On Nazi Rhetoric


On the January 27 edition of his Comedy Central show The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart responded to Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's claim that Stewart had "edited" a clip of him comparing liberal bloggers to Nazis. O'Reilly complained that a segment on the January 25 edition of The Daily Show -- in which Stewart mocked Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's claim that Fox News hosts don't make Nazis comparisons -- did not show "the context of" a clip Stewart aired in which O'Reilly compaired anonymous commenters on the Huffington Post to Nazis. O'Reilly went on to defend his comparison.

"Why you used the Nazi reference doesn't really matter in this," Stewart said in responding to O'Reilly. "The segment was to show, contrary to Ms. Kelly's statement that it's not the type of rhetoric used on Fox News, that it actually does appear quite frequently." Stewart went on to say, "So my point was, contrary to your colleague Ms. Kelly, was to suggest that Fox commentators do use Nazis analogies, and your point seemed to be, 'Yeah but I had a good reason.'"


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Bill O'Reilly Defends His Nazi Analogies
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