Why is Fox News "obsessed" with Sarah Palin?

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Why can't Fox News and the conservative media just leave her alone? Why do they have to spotlight every move she makes?

Because in case you haven't heard the latest far-right media meme, it's that the press (or the "left") is "obsessed" with Palin and by showering her with attention the press is advertising its hostility towards her. It's true. In what may be a first, by lavishing all sorts of attention on a political figure, the media are tipping off their contempt for that person.

Or something.

The argument doesn't really make much sense, but that doesn't stop conservatives from peddling it. So yes, now everyone is in heated agreement: If you talk or write about Sarah Palin a lot that means you're "obsessed," and that means you're trying to destroy her.

So I'll ask again, why is Fox News obsessed with Sarah Palin?

Number of on-air "Palin" mentions, Sunday through Wednesday this week, according to TVEyes:

-CNN: 73

-MSNBC 127

-Fox News, 149

BTW, imagine the right-wing wailing if the press didn't cover Palin?

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