Hannity Makes Ridiculous Argument Against Restrictions On Large Capacity Gun Clips


On today's edition of his Fox News show, Sean Hannity suggested that 33 bullet clips should not be restricted, in part, because "if you're equipped in the use of a gun, it's nothing to drop a clip, throw one in, pull it back, and you're ready to shoot again. It does not take that long to do that. Alright, so you got ten shots, ten shots, ten shots. I mean, I can do it in two seconds."

Sadly, Hannity ignores the fact that it is precisely the vital time span that it took for Jared Loughner to try to reload his clip that allowed four individuals -- Patricia Maisch, Bill Badger, Roger Salzgeber and Joseph Zimudio -- to stop Loughner's shooting rampage during Gabrielle Giffords "Congress On Your Corner" event. There is no way to know, but this means that it is possible that if Loughner had smaller clips and had to reload more often, he would not have been able to get off as many shots before being stopped.

While Loughner stopped shooting and attempted to switch magazine clips, he was hit by a chair and tackled to the ground according to Bill Badger. Badger was one of the two men who pushed Loughner to the pavement and held him there. Then Patricia Maisch, after being told to grab Loughner's additional magazine clip, wrestled the magazine clip away from Loughner.

Ironically, Fox News itself has debunked Hannity's argument because both Maisch and Badger were on the network to describe their heroic actions to stop Loughner.

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