Frances Fox Piven Responds To Beck's "Nutty" Attacks


For more than a year, Glenn Beck has obsessively highlighted the purported attempts of those on the left, including members of the federal government and the Obama administration, to "collapse the system" through the so-called Cloward and Piven strategy. Beck's attacks on the sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven have run the gamut from connecting them to a nefarious plot to steer college students onto food stamps, to claiming that the two "want to destroy" America.

Frances Fox Piven appeared on today's edition of Democracy Now! to respond to Beck's "nutty" claims and discuss the threats that have been made against her as a result. Watch:

Below are screenshots of the threatening statements mentioned in the Democracy Now! segment that were posted in the comments section of an article on Glenn Beck's The Blaze titled "Frances Fox Piven Rings In The New Year By Calling For Violent Revolution" -- all of which had not been deleted as of 3 p.m. ET:

Glenn Beck
The Blaze
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