More Sterling Insight From A Breitbart Blogger

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This one comes courtesy of Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. Posted here without comment [emphasis added]:

So Capt. Owen Honors was canned as commander of the USS Enterprise after airing "sexually charged" videos taken aboard the carrier. A lot of people weighed in on this, all saying the appropriate thing.

Which is: the videos were offensive.

Yeah, offensive.

I haven't seen the clips, but I heard they showed simulated masturbation and shower scenes with women.

I.e. the same crap you see on Parker/Spitzer.

Anyway, I suppose I should follow the correct response, and say it's "offensive."

But I don't see it as much as offensive, as it is stupid. But I get why people say it's offensive. Because we have to say that. My feeling is, there's very little in life we actually find offensive. It's just that the stuff we laugh at privately, we must condemn publicly.

Greg Gutfeld
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