More Misguided Media "Criticism" From A Breitbart Blogger

More Misguided Media "Criticism" From A Breitbart Blogger

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Whining about the stories that the evil, partisan mainstream media supposedly didn't cover last year, Andrew Breitbart blogger Dana Loesch actually put this one on her list of the woefully "underreported" in 2010:

The ever-growing power and influence of the tea party

According to Loesch, you didn't see the New York Times or NBC cover the Tea Party last year.

Except that, of course, you did.

Both the New York Times and NBC, along with virtually every other mainstream news outlet, relentlessly covered the Tea Party to the point of utter exhaustion. Just how often? According to Nexis, the Times published more than 1,000 articles and columns that mentioned "Tea Party," while NBC managed to air roughly 400 Tea Party reports last year.

But aside from that, Dana Loesch is definitely correct that the Times and NBC ignored the Tea Party story in 2010.

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