Newsbuster Brent Baker Doesn't Understand Budgets

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Newsbuster Brent Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center, complains:

Network Reporters and Sunday Hosts Rue Increased Deficit from Tax Compromise, As If Not Hiking Taxes is a 'Cost'

Nearly 80 percent of the $858 billion "cost" of the compromise tax bill signed Friday by President Barack Obama is, per a Congressional Research Service estimate, from the $675 billion over the next ten years the government would have received if income tax rates were raised, a perspective widely adopted by network reporters and hosts who assumed just keeping rates at their current levels should be counted as a "cost" to the national debt and annual deficits.

That paragraph is a doozy, but it boils down to this: Brent Baker thinks that the deficit impact of tax cuts should be ignored; that they magically don't count. Or something. Anyway: Acknowledging that tax cuts have an impact on the budget deficit demonstrates bias!

These people are not to be taken seriously.

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