UPDATED: Omaha Steaks Pulls Ads From Glenn Beck


Omaha Steaks has joined the list of companies that have stopped advertising on Glenn Beck's program. Work by ColorOfChange.org and the Stop Beck effort has resulted in at least 100 advertisers reportedly dropping their ads from Beck's Fox News program. The campaign began after Beck called President Obama a "racist" who has a "deep-seated hatred for white people."

StopBeck.com reported today that Omaha steaks said it would no longer advertise on that program:

This morning, Omaha Steaks announced that they were removing their ads from Glenn Beck's program (emphasis added):

Omaha Steaks buys large units of national television advertising during the holiday season. This year, we bought a package of advertising through the Fox Network. We did not specifically request to be included on the Glenn Beck program. As part of our contract, the Omaha Steaks ads run in a variety of time slots throughout the day.

We took your comments regarding the Glenn Beck Program to heart. After further review and careful consideration, we have decided to pull all advertising from Glenn Beck programming effective December 20th, 2010. Unfortunately, due to advertising cancellation policies, we were bound to continue possible ad placements through Sunday, December 19th.

At Omaha, we greatly value the loyalty and support of our customers, fans and followers and thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.

UPDATE: Omaha Steaks CEO Bruce Simon has added the following statement to the company's original post:

Correction from the CEO of Omaha Steaks, Bruce Simon:

The staff writers of our blog responded incorrectly and I want to apologize for any confusion this may have caused. The facts are: we did not "pull" our ads from any show. Our holiday TV advertising contract ends on December 19th. Our contract never specified when our ads would air, only that they would air. Mr. Beck's show is enjoyed by many, and we at Omaha Steaks hope our steaks are too. Our marketing is designed to speak to Americans who love steaks and great food, getting together with family and friends and giving gifts of great taste - no matter what TV shows they watch or what newspapers they read.

Bruce Simon
CEO, Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks also deleted the second paragraph of its original post.

Media Matters will continue to monitor Beck's advertisers.

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