Don't tell Fox News, but Obama's better liked than Reagan or W. Bush

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From today's Wall Street Journal [emphasis added]:

Both pollsters say Mr. Obama retains a strong reservoir of good will, considering the string of bad news that has buffeted his White House: 9.8% unemployment; the worst congressional losses for his party in a midterm election since 1946; continuing discontent with his signature health-care law; even the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Fully 72% of Americans say they like the president personally, a reading well above those of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan at this point in their presidencies.

In other words, Obama Derangement Syndrome, which dominates at Fox News and throughout the right-wing media, is not the norm. This obsessive desire to tear down Obama and present him as a monstrous man determined to destroy the United States from within (I'm looking at you Glenn Beck) is a distinctly radical view among Americans.

That's worth keeping in mind next time you tune into Fox News.

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