The Beltway press ignored the 9/11 first responder bill; The Daily Show did not

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I keep coming back to the vote last week when Senate Republicans, vowing not to let any legislation advance until they got a chance to make sure taxes didn't go up for the wealthiest Americans, voted down a bill designed to aid and compensate first responders who suffered on the day of America's worst terrorist attack. The bill had passed easily in the House in September but it became a victim of the GOP's obstructionist strategy last week.

As noted, the Beltway press thought little of the development, and even less of the GOP's just-say-no approach to voting. (i.e. It's not a story.) On the night of the 9/11 first responder bill vote, neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC mentioned the story on the evening news. Cable news channels seemed equally uninterested.

Not so for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Showing again why viewers increasingly seem to trust Stewart to bring them the day's news, here was The Daily Show's extended take on the story last night:

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