Local resident challenges Glenn Beck to tell the truth about Wilmington, Ohio

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I doubt the radio and TV host will have the nerve to take up the challenge, though.

Glenn Beck is appearing live in Wilmington, Ohio tomorrow in an effort to boost the local economy, which has been hit hard by layoffs in recent years. Unfortunately, because Beck appears to be a chronic liar, he's building his good deed around a falsehood. He's claiming the good people of Wilmington are picking themselves up off the canvas via church and faith and goodwill, and that they're specifically not accepting government money in their rebuilding efforts.

Except that, of course, they are. And lots of it.

So here's what local resident Mary Thomas Watts recently wrote in the Wilmington News Journal, as she welcomed Beck to town [emphasis added]:

There is one thing I hope Glenn Beck will do before he arrives — think of it like wiping off one's shoes before coming in the house — and that's for him to clear up some major misinformation he's disseminated about Wilmington and Clinton County. Reliable, nonpartisan websites like politifact.com and factcheck.org scrutinize public utterances of prominent people; so when Beck told his radio audience, on Nov. 22, that Wilmington hasn't received and doesn't want "any money from the government," PolitiFact Ohio did some digging.

What they found is that Clinton County has received something to the tune of $20 million in federal and state monies since DHL flew the coop, and that Mayor David Raizk is beating on any doors he can to get assistance and new jobs for our community. Beck's whopper earned him a "Pants on Fire" rating on the PolitiFact "Truth-o-Meter."


Here's the deal. If Beck will broadcast a correction about the government monies we've gotten and note that we'd give our eye teeth for more, I'll "like" the post on his Facebook page from a defender who wrote: "he really isn't that bad."

The local resident makes a valid point. Will Beck have the guts to act on it tomorrow in Wilmington?

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