Beck enlists special ops to his revolution

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Glenn Beck called on the United States military to choose sides in the revolution that he insists has begun.

Beck urged his listeners to check out a video featured at The Blaze that shows Elizabeth Warren, a special advisor to President Obama, saying the word "revolution" while describing changing attitudes toward financial regulatory reform. This, Beck exclaimed, goes to the core of "why progressives are called progressives":

Evolution not revolution. They said revolution is the wrong way to go because it's too dangerous. You evolve into it. Well they've gotten to the point now to where they are so convinced that everything is in their favor, that this thing is going to collapse into their hands, they are now openly talking about revolution. They are now saying, "Just push it. Push it."

Anybody within the sound of my voice that was a special ops person - anyone who has done any special ops for the United States military - you must inform your friends of the truth.

This is the way it happens. Whenever we have been - in special ops, if you've ever been, over the collapse of the Berlin Wall or the collapse of any other country, you know our special ops people are sent in at times just like this. And what is the instruction? Be there to help pick up the pieces and push, nudge, just nudge it. Push it.

That's what they're doing. They know what point we're at, and they know whose hands it's going to fall into. And so they're pushing it into revolution, and if you're in special ops, please - please - tell your friends, wake them up.

I know you probably have, but it's time for people to come out into the open and be vocal about it and tell people what we're up against. Because nobody in the media is going to.

This is not the first time Beck has told members of the military that they will play a role in what he calls a revolution. Just last Thursday, as he announced that "the revolution has begun," Beck called on members of the armed forces to remember that their oath is to defend the constitution:

The revolution has begun -- I never thought I would say those words, but I understand that it has today.

The people you're up against have buried themselves in our government and they have been wearing masks for a long time, but they're about to take those masks off and understand, they want control of every aspect of your life because the world is about to change. And while they try to convince you that it's not, it is and they know it is. They want to control every aspect of life to make society more just, but from their perspective.

I showed you last night, I told you that if I were going to take over the world, because that's what "Forbes" said that Soros said of me, that I was going to start some dictatorship because you're too stupid -- two years ago, as I was trying to figure out how far along are they, I put a list together and this is just some of them. If I were going to take over the United States, what would I need? What would I need to do?

Well, you would have to control the financial sector. They did it with a financial bill. They control everything in the financial sector. You'd have to control health care, who lives, who dies. You'd have to control industry. That could be done through the financial sector, it can be done through taxes and it can also be done through bailouts, just taking them like GM.

You would need to control the military. This one is really tough because the military is not going -- they protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Please, dear God, if you are listening to me in any part of the world, and you are military, please, dear God, please remember your oath to the Constitution of the United States because this is the only piece they can't get.

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