Populist Glenn Beck charges $1,000 for two "meet and greet" tickets

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Tickets to meet and greet Glenn Beck in Wilmington, Ohio, this week and then attend the taping of his radio show are currently on sale. And from Beck's official website we learn they're listed at $500, each (plus a $32 service fee, per-ticket):

Ticket Price: $500.00 Package Includes:

Breakfast at the General Denver Hotel

Meet & Greet with Glenn Beck

Photo with Glenn Beck

Premium Ticket to the live Radio Show Broadcast at the Murphy Theatre

But remember, the press tells us Beck is a "populist."

And BTW, regular, non-meet and greet tickets to attend the taping of Beck's radio show are on sale for $125. Typically tickets for fans to attend the live taping of radio or television shows are free. Beck though, is charging $125 per-person. To sit and watch him broadcast his radio show.

Glenn Beck
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