Savage hangs up on caller who he says has "a voice that you know already that came out of La Cage aux Folles"


On the December 9, 2010 broadcast of Talk Radio Network's The Savage Nation, host Michael Savage invited listeners to call in and discuss interactions between fathers and their daughter's first-dates, and took a call from Marcia from New York. Savage hung up on Marcia and went off on a bizarre rant in which he stated that she had "a voice that you know already came out of La Cage aux Folles."

The french farce La Cage aux Folles tells the story of a drag performer and his partner who host a dinner for their son's very conservative future in-laws (The play was later revived for American audiences as The Birdcage).

Savage has a history of homophobic rantings. In 2003, Savage was removed from MSNBC after telling a caller to "get AIDS and die." In 2007 Creative Artist Agency (CAA) decided to stop representing Savage after he attacked Melissa Etheridge for thanking her wife at the Academy Awards and asserted that married gay couples' raising of children amounts to "child abuse" and "makes me want to puke."

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