Hannity and O'Reilly still silent on South Korean trade deal

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On Tuesday, we noted that, after declaring President Obama's November trip to Asia an unmitigated failure, neither Sean Hannity nor Bill O'Reilly acknowledged the free trade deal with South Korea that the White House subsequently secured. But surely they've mentioned it by now, right?

Well, no. No they haven't. And the omission is even starker given that their colleague, Neil Cavuto, brought it up on his Fox Business show last night and went so far as to apologize at length for his original dismissal of the trip to Asia. Cavuto said: "I wasn't alone in criticizing the president's trip. That doesn't make it right or me right. Me, dismissing a trip I didn't even know about. Because that trip apparently bore fruit."

"This trade deal is a big deal, even though no one's reporting on this deal," Cavuto said. "I really don't know why." Good question!

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