Megyn Kelly acknowledges that Beck sometimes spreads misinformation


In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly acknowledged that "some of those allegations" about fellow Fox host Glenn Beck spreading misinformation "may have foundation." She added that "some are blown up by detractors." Kelly stated:

KELLY: I always marvel at people who hate Glenn Beck, the same way I marvel at people who hate the other prime-time hosts on the other channels. What part of the First Amendment do you have a problem with?

GQ: There's the First Amendment, and then there's spreading obvious misinformation.

KELLY: That happens at a lot of channels. I think some of those allegations against Beck may have foundation and that some are blown up by detractors.

GQ: Which allegations have foundation?

KELLY: I'm not going to get into specifics.

On numerous occasions, Beck has stated that he would be fired if he spoke untruths on Fox. Just last month, Beck said of Fox News: "If I was inaccurate, they would have fired me long ago." There is no evidence that Beck's bosses at Fox share this understanding.

An article published today on The Blaze, a website created by Beck himself, covered Kelly's GQ interview but made no mention of her comments regarding Beck.

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