After Beck held telethon for Chamber, Beck's site pressures it to attack Obama


After spearheading a major fundraising drive for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Beck seems to think that he can set its 2012 campaign agenda. His October 14 appeal to his radio audience to donate to the organization, along with his own $10,000 contribution, resulted in a record-breaking day of fundraising, according to the Chamber's Bruce Josten. Now, Beck's website The Blaze has altered the headline of an Associated Press article about the Chamber to pressure the group to attack President Obama in the 2012 election.

Today, The Blaze featured an AP article with the headline, "Going Soft? AP Says U.S. Chamber Won't Oppose Obama in '12, Supports QE2."


The headline of the original AP article was "Donohue: US Chamber won't seek Obama's defeat." (Thomas Donohue is the president of the organization.)

Glenn Beck
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