Beck: The EU is the Tower of Babel

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At the top of today's show, Beck made a very strange claim. While showing the tower of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, Beck said that the building was the symbol of, among other things, "one language." The EU has 20 official languages and "promotes the use" of other "regional or minority languages" spoken by EU citizens. Beck pointed to no evidence that the EU wants to move toward one language, so what was he talking about?

It didn't take long to figure out. Beck quickly turned to a discussion of the Tower of Babel with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a founding member of Beck's anti-gay "black robe regiment." We learned from Beck and Lapin that the Genesis story of the Tower of Babel is not just an important lesson for believers to be humble in the sight of God, it's a story that is repeating itself today through the EU. Beck even claimed "that's where we're going."

Through the hour, Beck and Lapin weaved in some familiar bogeymen. George Soros is (obviously) involved in recreating the godless Tower of Babel, as are the environmentalists. Indeed, Lapin said that at this point in history, one way world leaders try to create the Tower of Babel is that "people want to get you out of one of the most beautiful expressions of freedom and independence, the automobile."

And by the end of the show, Lapin was suggesting that the EU parliament tower was literally built to resemble the Tower of Babel (or at least Flemish renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder's representation of the Tower of Babel). For his part, Beck said, "I don't know if that's what they were doing," but found the resemblance between the structures "amazing."

The only way to really give it justice is to watch:
Fox News Channel
Glenn Beck, Rabbi Lapin
Glenn Beck show
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