What Politico left out of its Obama polling article

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Under the misleading homepage headline posted earlier today, "Poll: Obama's future uncertain," Politico reported this finding from its recent voter survey [emphasis added]:

In the general public's view, the president is in big trouble, with 50 percent predicting that Obama will not be reelected and just 26 percent believing he will win a second term. D.C. elites saw things very differently: 49 percent believe the president will win a second term in 2012 while just 23 percent think he won't be reelected.

But here's what Politico left out of the article: When asked about hypothetical match-ups for a 2012 White House race including several prominent Republicans, general population voters uniformly picked Obama, and usually by large margins. In fact, Obama bested Palin by 13 points, with the Alaska Republican garnering just 33 percent of the vote in that hypothetical race.

In other words, here's the alternate headline Politico could have used:

Poll: Obama easily defeats Palin

Sarah Palin
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