Irony alert: Fox News contributor complains about a softball interview for a president

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From this week's Fox News Watch, here's contributor Liz Trotta bemoaning Obama's recent 60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft [emphasis added]:

[T]he whole interview was a softball. And he has a long relationship with Steve Kroft, going all the way back through the campaign. And like so many people in the mainstream media, they didn't lay a glove on him. There wasn't a tough challenge in the whole interview.

To which I have for Trotta a very simple question: Have you ever actually watched Fox News? And specifically, have you watched any of the recent sycophantic Bush interviews conducted by a rotating cast of Fox News lapdogs?

If you haven't, you might want to throttle back the 60 Minutes "softball" critique.

Just a thought.

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Liz Trotta
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