Is there anything less honest than an Andrew Malcolm post about Sarah Palin's polls?

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Oh, look!

Andrew Malcolm is shamelessly spinning for Sarah Palin again.

We've frequently noted that the Los Angeles Times blogger and former Republican operative has a habit of distorting public polling data in an attempt to make Palin look good. And that when he can't think of a way of spinning Palin's lousy numbers away, he simply ignores them. (Malcolm even admits to doing so.)

So when a recent CBS poll found that only 22 percent of Americans view Palin favorably, Malcolm just ignored it.

But now Malcolm has found a result he thinks he can spin in Palin's favor, so he's suddenly back to writing about Palin polling:

Oh, look!

Sarah Palin's favorable ratings are up again.

We should probably write something about that to keep Americans informed as the 2012 presidential race starts taking shape.

Predictably, a new Associated Press-GfK Poll finds Palin to be "the most polarizing of the potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates." According to AP's numbers, 49% of Americans view the politician mother unfavorably, while 46% view her favorably. Five percent, far less than for other potential candidates, claim not to know enough to have an opinion.

Eleven months ago a Gallup Poll found Palin's favorability was at 44%, up from 40% two months before.

If you read that closely, you probably noticed how laughable Malcolm's lede is. He compared two polls conducted 11 months apart by two different polling firms, found that the more recent one has Palin's favorability a whopping two points higher than the older one (but still a net negative) and declared that Palin's numbers are "up again."

It's like he's trying to prove himself to be a completely dishonest hack.

For a more valid assessment of Palin's favorable ratings, here's

Oh, look!

People still don't like Sarah Palin.

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