"That's it": Glenn Beck runs out of anti-Soros material mid-show

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We were promised revelations that would essentially bend our minds, details that would have us riveted to our TV screens, and vital information that would push us to breathlessly share information with our friends and neighbors. Instead, it appears as if Glenn Beck just ran out of steam right in the middle of his second anti-Soros show. The first hint of this was Beck unfurling a scroll with the names of groups that Soros has donated to, because... well, he donates a lot of money. To things.

Yesterday's show had considerably more content, and while most of it was demonstrably false, it was more useful than today's filler material, best exemplified by the following clip:

Yes, that is Glenn Beck, making faces and mugging through a promotional video released by George Soros' Open Society Foundation. Beck doesn't offer any factual rebuttal to the video, nor does he attempt to put the video into any sort of larger context. He doesn't even try to seriously wrap it into one of his nonstop conspiracy theories. He just sits next to it and makes fun of it. As he said at the end, "that's it."

Beck wrapped up the episode telling the audience that he believes "bad things are coming" and that his show is a way to get them "prepared" for what's to come by telling "what's really happening." The solution to the bad things? The same, old, tired solution Beck has given time and time again: His 40 day challenge, embodied in the "faith, hope and charity" paintings of founders that he has peddled for months now. What did that have to do with his purported topic? Well, he did need to fill dead air with something.

"That's it."

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