Fox News' most prominent birther interviewed by nation's most prominent truther

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This afternoon, Fox Business Network announced that it hired former CNN host Lou Dobbs to host a show on its network.

Dobbs' tenure at CNN was marred by his trafficking in outlandish conspiracy theories, often targeting immigrants. Dobbs used his platform on CNN to push claims about our government's (imaginary) plans for a "North American Union" and repeatedly linked immigration to fears about a "reconquista" movement, the (imaginary) threat of Mexicans actually taking over the American Southwest. Dobbs also came under fire after his program grossly overstated the number of new leprosy cases in the U.S. in order to blame recent immigrants for the (imaginary) spike in cases.

And, of course, Dobbs capped his tenure at the network by promoting conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth certificate.

Dobbs' promotion of all of these conspiracy theories has apparently earned him a fan in Alex Jones, perhaps the most prominent conspiracy theorist in the country. In addition to pushing many other conspiracy theories (including the idea that a "New World Order" will kill 80 percent of the global population), Jones is considered one of the leaders of the 9-11 Truth movement, which posits that the September 11 terror attacks were actually perpetrated by our government.

Apparently not put off by Jones' promotion of things like 9-11 Trutherism, Dobbs joined him on his radio show last month. Jones introduced Dobbs by saying he was shown the door at CNN because he wouldn't "compromise on Barry Soetoro and the open borders." (As Jones' website explains, "Barry Soetoro" is a birther code word and instrumental to "exposing important keys to President Obama's true history.")

Far from being a contentious interview, the two spoke mostly in harmony about things like "one-world government." During the interview, Jones even (correctly) predicted that Dobbs would end up on Fox Business Network.


According to Jones' archives, Dobbs' appearance last month was not his first on the show.

And as we've noted, Dobbs isn't the only Fox Business host to join Jones and push conspiracy theories. Andrew Napolitano has appeared multiple times on Jones' show, including an appearance last month in which Napolitano declared that the "time has come" for Texas secession.

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