Beck's second day of Soros attacks features more anti-Semitic stereotypes

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Yesterday, I pointed out how Glenn Beck's attacks on Jewish philanthropist George Soros seemed to parrot common anti-Semitic stereotypes: Beck depicts Soros as a "puppet master" is using his purported power over the world financial system to "collaps[e] our economy," create a "media empire," and seize control of the government. And all on the anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Today, Beck opened his show with more of the same:

Last night, we introduced you to the puppet master, billionaire financier George Soros, notorious for collapsing economies and regimes all around the world. He's known as the man who broke the bank of England. The Prime Minister of Malaysia called Soros an unscrupulous profiteer. In Thailand, he was branded the "economic war criminal." They also said that he "sucks the blood from people."

When Beck says that "The Prime Minister of Malaysia called Soros an unscrupulous profiteer," he's referencing former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's anti-Semitic conspiracy that Soros "helped trigger the economic meltdown" of Southeast Asian currencies in 1997. Mahathir was quoted at the time saying: "We do not want to say that this is a plot by the Jews, but in reality it is a Jew who triggered the currency plunge, and coincidentally Soros is a Jew. It is also a coincidence that the Malaysians are mostly Muslim." According to the New York Times, Mahathir "suggested that Malaysia's troubles might be the result of a Jewish 'agenda'" to weaken the country's economy.

Mahathir later denied blaming a Jewish agenda, and conceded that Soros was "not involved in the devaluation of the Malaysian currency," a statement confirmed by the Bank for International Settlements, the New York Times, and Soros himself.

The portrayal of Soros as a blood-sucker also echoes anti-Semitic stereotypes. Don't take my word for it; in Mein Kamf, the most famous anti-Semite of all time has the following to say about "the Jew":

A true blood-sucker that attaches himself to the body of the unhappy people and cannot be picked off until the princes themselves again need money and with their own exalted hand tap off the blood he has sucked from them.

Beck, of course, has long peppered his Soros commentary with classically anti-Semitic attacks. He has cited anti-Semitic sources over and over.

But Beck's definitely not anti-Semitic.

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