American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord sides with Palin in Fox 2012 Primary: "Rove Gets It Wrong"


In an American Spectator blog post, Jeffrey Lord opined on the Fox 2012 Primary, writing that Karl Rove is "wrong," in his criticisms of Christine O'Donnell's unsuccessful, Palin-backed candidacy for the Delaware Senate race. Lord wrote that Rove's criticism "is setting the boundaries for a very serious discussion to come."

From Lord's November 2 American Spectator post headlined, "Rove Gets It Wrong: O'Donnell's Loss is Conservative Win":

What startles in the Karl Rove declaration that there is a "lesson" in the defeat of Christine O'Donnell is that he simply doesn't get it.


Ms. O'Donnell deserves conservative thanks.

Karl Rove is setting the boundaries for a very serious discussion to come.

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