Palin vs. Rove continues: Rove says there's "a lesson" to be learned from O'Donnell loss

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We've noted that an October 31 Politico article reported that Fox News contributor Karl Rove seems to be among GOP leaders who are on a "mission" to "halt" Fox News contributor Sarah Palin's "momentum and credibility," viewing her potential 2012 presidential nomination as a "disaster in waiting." Indeed, Rove and Palin have recently traded attacks, including over failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, who had Palin's strong backing.

Rove has criticized O'Donnell, saying that her primary opponent, Rep. Mike Castle, would have picked up the seat. In return, Palin told Rove to "buck up" over O'Donnell's primary win.

Politico noted yesterday that the sparring between Rove and Palin continued on Election Day with Rove saying:

"It gave me no pleasure to say that she was unlikely to win," he said. "But this again provides a lesson. This is a candidate who was right on the issues, but who had mishandled a series of questions brought up by the press."

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