Breitbart website names Media Matters to "New Axis of Evil"


From a Big Government post by Dan Freeman:

The nearly two years of corruption, plunder, and economic destruction—combined with the mockery of the American people and vilification of the private sector—has crystallized for many a realization of a home grown threat more destructive and imminently dangerous to America than any of the substantial external threats we faced over the last century. It's a threat that has been building quietly for many years but has come to the fore since President Obama was elected. Have you wondered how the radical left managed to capture the reins of power and govern in direct opposition to the will of two thirds of the population? The answer is the New Axis of Evil. It is the power base of the left (and the Democratic Party).

axis of evil

No doubt, the list can be debated and expanded, but here, at least is a starting point—the dirty dozen if you will, with a few prime examples included.

  1. Old Media (ACB, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR, NY Times)
  2. Engorged Public Unions (SEIU, NEA, AFSCME)
  3. Global Socialist Elites (Robert McChesney, Andy Stern, George Soros)
  4. Liberal "Think" Tanks (Media Matters, Center for American Progress, ThinkProgress)
  5. America Hating Academics (Noam Chomsky, Paul Krugman )
  6. Professional Victims Groups (La Raza, CAIR, NAACP, NOW)
  7. Community Disorganizers & Activists (ACORN, Code Pink, ACLU)
  8. Environmental Redistributionists (Greenpeace, EDF)
  9. Social Justice Preachers (Jeremiah Wright, Reverend Jim Wallis)
  10. Progressive Hollywood Elites (Oliver Stone, Sean Penn)
  11. Bloated Federal Bureaucracy (DOE, DOA, TSA)
  12. Public/Private Colluders (AAPR, Government Motors, Goldman Sachs)

It almost goes without saying (but here I'll say it anyway)—there are many good people scattered among these institutions.

It is rather the leadership and the aims, desires, and policies of these institutions that warrant their inclusion. Most Americans will instinctively recognize that these are the bad guys.


The new "good" is simply everyone and everything that supports the left's un-definable collective good. The new "evil" is everything that stands in opposition, which places FOX News and the Tea Party at the epicenter of the left's hatred. If our self annointed leaders declare that everyone has the right to free healthcare, it must be so. Even if Obamacare conflicts with our right to private property, undermines the free market system, impedes medical innovation, adds another trillion to our deficit, and is a prime driver of unemployment. History shows that when the collective good is the goal, individual moral standards evaporate. If ever anyone needed the grounding and restraint demanded in the Ten Commandments, it's the new axis of evil.

This is the battle we are in. It is a battle of good versus evil. Of individual freedom—protected by a constitutionally limited government—versus collectivism—fed by the unquenchably appetite of the State. In America, a man still has control over his destiny. He can still pursue his own happiness, his God given right. But not without a fight.

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