ABC News now getting the Breitbart freak-out treatment

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Yesterday we noted how ABC News found itself in the bizarre, albeit foreseeable, position of being in open war with a guest it had (foolishly) booked for Election Night coverage; Andrew Breitbart.

After the network moved to distance itself from the well-known propagandist who has trouble telling the truth, Breitbart lashed back claiming he was invited by ABC to be on TV, not just to participate in an online forum. ABC countered by claiming Breitbart doesn't know how to read, and misconstrued the invitation via emails he received from the network.

So yeah, the network's at war with one of its would-be guests. (Normal, right?)

Well, now team Breitbart is in complete meltdown mode and his sites are posting a series of increasingly incoherent rants against ABC News. You really ought to read them though, as they perfectly distill the paranoid mind of today's right-wing movement and its almost complete addiction to victimization. (Breitbart's been blacklisted! Or something….)

Plus, you'll learn all sorts of interesting facts, like how it's Media Matters' fault that ABC seemed to walk back its TV invite to Breitbart. And George Soros' fault, and the fault of Obama, Center for American Progress, the FCC, Keith Olbermann, Charles Schumer, Talking Points Memo, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, NPR, and George Stephanopoulos,

Suffice to say it's been a team effort. Or so say the paranoids from Breitbart World.

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