LVRJ turns to evidence-free Fox attacks in latest Reid smear

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Las Vegas Review-Journal publisher Sherman Frederick is turning to Fox News' evidence-free smears to fuel his continued attacks on Sen. Harry Reid.

Yesterday reported that a former low-level staffer allegedly lied to federal investigators about her marriage -- prior to going to work for Reid's office. In that article, gave no indication that Reid or anyone in his office had any knowledge of the investigation or the alleged wrongdoing.

Enter the Review-Journal. While pushing the Fox News smear, Frederick adds:

The Reid folks ain't sayin' much other than to suggest it's a GOP trick. Only problem, it happened on Obama's watch and involves several federal agencies.

In fact, Reid's spokesman are saying that Reid and his office did not know about the allegations until being informed by Fox News, at which time Reid's office conducted an investigation and severed its relationship with the staffer, Diana Tejada. The allegations never resulted in criminal charges against Tejada.

Moreover, contrary to Frederick's claim that "it happened on Obama's watch," the marriage in question occurred in 2003, and Tejada reportedly issued the false statements to federal investigators in 2004 and in 2008. According to the article Frederick links to, Tejada "broke down and confessed that her marriage was a lie" in November 2008 and filed for divorce in December 2008 -- prior to Obama's inauguration.

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