Hoft cheers reported beating of MoveOn.org activist by Paul supporters

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Following last night's debate between Kentucky Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway, MoveOn.org activist Lauren Valle reportedly attempted to give Paul a fake award. According to the Associated Press, Paul's supporters responded by wrestling Valle to the ground; one of them then repeatedly stomped on her head:

Jim Hoft, at the least, is reacting to this incident with barely concealed glee.

Hoft's initial reaction was to condemn Valle as an "unhinged leftist" who "stalk[ed] and trie[d] to harass a Republican leader," adding that she "wasn't counting on this reacting by Rand Paul supporters." He comments, "Look for the state-run media to make her into some kind of saint by the end of the day" and adds, "Let's hope Code Pink was watching."

In a follow-up post, he claims that Valle was "stalking and lunged at Rand Paul," and provides some oppo on Valle's prior work as a "professional leftist activist." He at least acknowledges that "It certainly was over the line to put a shoe on her shoulder or head" -- no comment on whether wrestling her to the ground was kosher.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised at this sort of thing after a conservative consultant asked "why the MMFA boys don't get curbstomped fortnightly."

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