James O'Keefe doesn't show up for his own press conference

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James O'Keefe, whose history of inaccurate and discredited work is well-known, apparently did not want to defend his latest project, a series of videos purporting to discredit some New Jersey teachers.

On Friday, O'Keefe announced on Twitter that he would be holding a press conference in Trenton today.

But after posting two videos to his website this morning meant to disparage the New Jersey Education Association, he did not show up for the press event, held outside of the New Jersey state capitol.

Instead, a member of the local Tea Party was on hand to use the tape to call for an investigation by the state attorney general's office into O'Keefe's allegations.

Daryl Brooks of the Greater Trenton Tea Party addressed a small group of about six supporters and reporters from News 12 New Jersey and The Record of Northern New Jersey.

He said that he believed the O'Keefe videos were valid because "he told me" they were.

He added that he had spoken to O'Keefe earlier today and said another press event would be held in two weeks, but did not say if O'Keefe would attend or what it would be about.

Brooks said he had first learned of the videos last week and that he knew of O'Keefe's past problems, but added, "some of the things he has done, he has done pretty good."

He said of O'Keefe and his latest story, "he promised me and gave me his word and gave others his word and if it is proven false, we'll have to deal with them."

Calls to Project Veritas, O'Keefe's group that created the videos, were not returned.

James O'Keefe
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