Anti-gay bigotry isn't off-limits on Fox either


Fox & Friends this morning provided further evidence of their willingness to tolerate any kind of hateful, bigoted rhetoric, as long as it advances their agenda. Today's example: Catholic League President Bill Donohue who appeared on the program to whine about perceived anti-Catholic prejudice in the New York Times. Donohue cited past artistic reviews, and a picture of the musical Divine Sister to support his claim.

If it had just ended with a well-known guest complaining about a so-called "liberal," anti-Christian "bias" in the media, this segment would be no different from Fox & Friends' normal campaign against any media outlet that isn't a political arm of the GOP. But, Donohue went further, using his appearance on a major news program to spew anti-gay bigotry. Donohue claimed that "if everybody practiced what the Catholic Church teaches in terms of sexuality, you wouldn't even have people dying of AIDS," and, after pointing out that the Catholic Church spends money "servicing people dying of AIDS," complained "and yet we continue to get it by these gay bigots."

Donohue went on to claim that the Times "hate[s] the Catholic church's teachings on sexuality," presumably because "it's a gay-friendly newspaper." Here is the interview, posted in its entirety just so you don't miss any of Donohue's vitriol:

Why is Donohue still allowed on television at all? This is the man who recently attempted to characterize the Catholic Church's child-molestation problem as a "homosexual crisis," and claim that there is "a connection between homosexuality and sexual abuse of minors," similar to the "connection between the Irish and alcoholism." The irony of Donohue whining about attacks from "gay bigots," while overwhelming, appears to have been lost on the hosts of Fox & Friends, who took Donohue's rant in stride, smiling patiently, feeding him just the right questions to keep Donohue going and waiting for their chance to thank him for appearing on their show.

This is, of course, not the first time Fox & Friends' hosts have smiled and nodded along with a conservative's bigoted rant. You may recall Gretchen Carlson pulling the same act while Rev. Franklin Graham told people "enslaved by Islam" that they "don't have to die in a car bomb."

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