Beck doubts media reports that GOP candidate raised the threat of violence -- but it's on video


Recently, Pastor Stephen Broden, a Texas Republican Congressional candidate who has been a guest on Glenn Beck's Fox News show six times since August 2009 according to Nexis, told a Texas television station that a violent revolution "is not the first option" but it is "on the table," noting that "our nation was founded on violence."

During his radio show today, Beck learned of media reports on Broden's remarks and said Broden was "absolutely wrong. Can't stand with you on that. I can't stand with you at all if you are saying stuff like that." Beck later concluded that the reports on Broden's comments had to be incorrect:

BECK: Stephen Broden is - I wouldn't say he was a friend of mine -- I have met Pastor Stephen Broden maybe four times. He seems like a guy who gets it. He's a friend of Alveda King's. It is in the press today that he has said that violence is not off the table -- that a violent revolution is not off the table.

If Pastor Stephen Broden actually said those words, I denounce those words and I denounce him. But I don't believe the press has those words right. I don't believe it. I don't believe it for a second. He's a friend of Alveda King. What does Alveda King -- what does Alveda King know that every-- more than everybody else? Violence never works.

But in case anyone in this audience is not crystal clear, if he said those words, I denounce him and I would come out and campaign against it.

Only problem is, Broden's remarks are on video: (-0:38)

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