Beck goes ballistic over Soros donation to Media Matters

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Tonight, Glenn Beck responded to news that philanthropist George Soros had made his first donation to Media Matters by once again vilifying Soros, the Tides Foundation, and a host of progressive organizations, while portraying Beck as the target of a Soros-ordered hit.

Launching into a positively unhinged diatribe against what he called "shadowy" and "spooky" organizations, Beck likened a Media Matters press release announcing Soros' $1 million contribution to a "wanted dead or alive poster" and called it a "million dollar bounty." Beck also said, "Mr. Soros, let me just tell you something. If I happen to fall -- what was that movie where the guy fell out of the window at the end? ... If anything happens to me, what is it the people at the Tides Foundation are saying right now? Oh, yeah. That's right. I love this phrase. Blood will be on your hands, sir. One million dollar bounty."

Beck has a history of suggesting that Soros would have him killed. On June 21, while detailing his discredited conspiracy theory that the Obama administration's drilling moratorium is part of a plot to enrich Soros through increased oil drilling in Brazil , Beck said, "Gasoline Brazil. Now why am I telling you about this? Have you heard of another word? Soros. George Soros.I do have a bulletproof car, George. I just want you to know."

Last week, Media Matters reported on how conspiracy theories promoted by Beck and the right-wing media drove Byron Williams to plot the assassination of the leaders of the ACLU and the Tides Foundation. Beck has since been roundly condemned for his violent rhetoric.

Beck has shown no signs of backing down in his efforts to villify Tides. After spending an entire hour demonizing the group last week, Beck yesterday launched into another attack by taunting, "Did you guys think I wouldn't talk about it anymore?"

In a letter released last week, Tides CEO Drummond Pike called on advertisers to stop supporting Fox News, noting that "businesses that pay to broadcast commercials on Fox News are subsidizing Glenn Beck's television show by continuing to pump money into the network," adding, "It has become clear that the only way to stop supporting Beck is to stop supporting Fox News." Media Matters and People for the American Way have joined in calling on major advertisers to stop supporting the network.

UPDATE: Watch Beck's five-part response here.

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