Beck attacks science with anti-gay bigots

Beck attacks science with anti-gay bigots

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Tonight, Glenn Beck endeavored to teach his audience about the evils of environmentalists and environmental science with Wallbuilders Founder David Barton and Calvin Beisner, the Founder of the Cornwall Alliance.

As we've noted, as Beck has attempted to transform himself into a spiritual leader, he has surrounded himself with religious and secular figures that share a hatred for the "homosexual agenda." We can add Beisner to that list.

As reported by DeSmog Blog, in 1990, Beisner wrote an article arguing against the "militant homosexuals" that were calling for an increase in federal spending on AIDS research, treatment and education. Beisner asked if it was "rational" to increase funding to "fight a disease that is almost 100 percent self-inflicted by people intent on immoral and irrational behavior?"

Beisner was joined on Beck's show by David Barton, whom Beck has labeled "the most important man in America." Barton has written about "Why Should Homosexuality Concern a Society?" and once buttressed an argument against open service by homosexuals in our military by writing that homosexuality "was long considered too morally abhorrent and reprehensible to openly discuss." Barton also reportedly spoke at an event to promote and anti-gay marriage amendment, and his WallBuilders group published an election guide in 2008 fearmongering about Obama's supposed support for a "curriculum that promotes homosexuality."

Nice friends you have there, Glenn.

Glenn Beck, David Barton
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