Fox accuses Blitzer of bias for saying the exact same thing they did about O'Donnell's "witch" ad


Fox & Friends is trying their hardest to cover for Christine O'Donnell's debate performance by accusing moderator Wolf Blitzer of "treat[ing] O'Donnell unfairly" during the debate. How did he do so, you ask? By questioning O'Donnell about the wisdom of her "I am not a witch" ad -- the very same ad that just 45 minutes earlier Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade panned as "a huge mistake."

It's actually quite incredible. At about 6:08 am, the Fox & Friends crew discussed last night's Delaware U.S. Senate debate, and Kilmeade said: "And, you know, the witch comment, she made a huge mistake, opening up her 30 second spot with 'I'm not a witch.' That brought everything up and made SNL maybe highlight it." Co-host Steve Doocy agreed. Then, about 45 minutes later, Fox & Friends aired a one-sided debate about whether or not the "moderators treat[ed] O'Donnell fairly." As evidence that they did not, Fox & Friends aired a clip of Blitzer asking her about the ad.

Compare what Blitzer said to what Kilmeade said:

BLITZER: You begin the commercial with the words I am not a witch. What were you--

O'DONNELL: To put it to rest

BLITZER: What were you thinking?

O'DONNELL: To put it to rest. To put it behind me.

BLITZER: But didn't you realize that if you put it in a commercial it would just revive everything, and everybody would be talking about that?

Co-host Gretchen Carlson followed this clip by asking, "So, is three against one a fair debate?" During the segment the following chyron aired:

Fox screen grab

To recap, Fox & Friends co-hosts agree that O'Donnell's witch ad was "a huge mistake" because it "brought everything [back] up and made SNL maybe highlight it." But, Wolf Blitzer pointing out the exact same thing is somehow evidence media bias.You almost get the sense that they chose the post-debate narrative ahead of time and are now just doing their best to paint by numbers.

I look forward to Brent Bozell inevitably coming on to discuss.


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