Report: Rove's GOP slush fund aired 17,360 ads in less than three months

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Today, our partner organization Political Correction issued a report on TV advertising activity from right-wing organizations documenting how American Crossroads -- the GOP slush fund promoted (and possibly advised) by Fox News political analyst Karl Rove -- has aired more than 17,000 ads between August 1 and October 11. This is the highest total of any of the groups Political Correction analyzed, and 25 percent more than the next-highest group, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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American Crossroads today announced that they will begin running ads to bolster GOP House candidates, in addition to their work backing GOP Senate candidates. Karl Rove showed up on Fox News to tout this new initiative, and the group's recent fundraising numbers.

At some point, Fox is going to start caring about this ethics quagmire, right?

Karl Rove
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