Fox promo: We're "solving America's problems," which include gov't "killing the Constitution"

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What do you get when you give two arch-conspiracists free rein to make creepy comments over a foreboding soundtrack? Apparently, the answer is Fox's newest promo.

In a new and extremely disturbing ad for Fox News and Fox Business, posted at Mediaite, Fox News host Glenn Beck and Fox Business host Andrew Napolitano team up to plug their networks.

Napolitano explains that his "job" is "safeguarding your rights," while the network's goal is "solving America's problems." What are those problems? Beck lets you know at the top of the ad: "The government is slowly killing the Constitution and forgetting what makes us great." Awesome.

The timing of the ad's release is unfortunate for Fox. Napolitano just appeared on 9-11 Truth leader Alex Jones' radio show, where the pair agreed that Obama will "start a wider global war" to "be a prince," and discussed whether a powerful banking cartel linked to "world government" would "collapse the economy" and use that "as an excuse for martial law." Napolitano also told Jones that the "time has come" for Texas secession.

During the interview, Napalitano announced that he planned to host Jones on his Fox Business show.

ANNOUNCER: Two networks: twice the power.

BECK: America is in trouble. The government is slowly killing the Constitution and forgetting what makes us great.

NAPOLITANO: Your personal freedoms are on the line. Over-regulation is strangling small business, trampling on the American Dream.

BECK: So I ask you: Do we work for the government, or does the government work for us?

NAPOLITANO: My job? Safeguarding your rights.

BECK: Two networks.

NAPOLITANO: Solving America's problems.

ANNOUNCER: Fox News: The Power To Inform. Fox Business: The Power To Prosper.

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