Another easily debunked D'Souza lie about Obama

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So it seems that Dinesh D'Souza, author of the new book The Roots of Obama's Rage, sat down with Jason Mattera, the frat-clown editor of Human Events, to field some softball questions about his lie-filled screed. In the video below, D'Souza explains how Obama "has no understanding whatever of entrepreneurship" and "never speaks of entrepreneurship in a positive way."

That's a bold statement, particularly when you consider that Obama held a Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship this past April. (It was held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, but I digress.) In his remarks at the summit, Obama said:

OBAMA: Now, I know some have asked -- given all the security and political and social challenges we face, why a summit on entrepreneurship? The answer is simple.

Entrepreneurship -- because you told us that this was an area where we can learn from each other; where America can share our experience as a society that empowers the inventor and the innovator; where men and women can take a chance on a dream -- taking an idea that starts around a kitchen table or in a garage, and turning it into a new business and even new industries that can change the world.

Entrepreneurship -- because throughout history, the market has been the most powerful force the world has ever known for creating opportunity and lifting people out of poverty.

Entrepreneurship -- because it's in our mutual economic interest. Trade between the United States and Muslim-majority countries has grown. But all this trade, combined, is still only about the same as our trade with one country -- Mexico. So there's so much more we can do together, in partnership, to foster opportunity and prosperity in all our countries.

And social entrepreneurship -- because, as I learned as a community organizer in Chicago, real change comes from the bottom up, from the grassroots, starting with the dreams and passions of single individuals serving their communities.

So, yeah -- another lie from D'Souza undone by about five seconds of Googling. I guess we can just add this one to the pile, then.

Dinesh D'Souza
The Roots of Obama's Rage
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