Short on scary stuff, Beck goes nut-picking in Europe

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It must be a challenge for Glenn Beck to constantly dig up new reasons for his viewers to be outraged and terrified, and tonight it showed. Beck spent a large chunk of his Fox News show discussing some scary people in the UK and struggled as he tried to tie them back to the Obama administration.

First, a video of British advice columnist Virginia Ironside, saying that "any good mother" would kill her child if he or she was "deeply suffering" and nothing else could be done. Here's how Beck tried to bring this back home:

BECK: Who are these people? And you don't have to go overseas to find them. We are growing new ones at an alarming rate. Peter Singer is the DeCamp professor of bioethics at Princeton University. He has proposed that parents who are not happy with their newborns, perhaps because their disabled, but you can do it for any reason, should have the legal right to kill their babies up to 28 days after birth.


BECK: This woman isn't even apologetic. Who is she? Well, in addition to being a columnist and pundit, she also was the secretary to Dame Shirley Williams who is working for the far left group the Fabian Society. What's the Fabian Society? Well it's a socialist group in Britain. We've shown you and talked about Fabian socialists before. People like George Bernard Shaw - remember he supported eugenics and killing members of society who are not deemed productive enough. So you know, the Fabian society is the English version of our progressive party in America. It is the same root of a rotted, rotted tree. Just like Hillary Clinton, she's an early 20th century progressive - same people.

Beck says this story matters because here in the United States, the number of people who advocate euthanizing children is "growing" at "an alarming rate." His evidence: Peter Singer, an Australian philosopher -- who has been working at Princeton for over a decade -- and the views he espoused in a book 24 years ago.

Beck then finds his way to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton via Dame Shirley Williams, the Fabian Society, George Bernard Shaw and a "rotted tree."

His second story was an ill-advised short film produced by a British environmentalist campaign 10:10 Global, which, for a reason I can't seem to grasp, depicts a teacher blowing up children who wouldn't agree to reduce their carbon emissions. On Friday, the organization pulled the video and apologized following the negative reaction.

According to Beck, "There's more to this ad and its disturbing connections at home." Here's how he connected this story to President Obama:

BECK: Right before the break I showed you a disturbing ad from a group called But we went to this website and we looked for their partners. Who's partnering? We tried to do some investigation here. We found this one. It's If you click on 350 and you scroll down, can you click on it? And now scroll down. You'll see their updates and you'll also see, oh, the 10.2.10 - they are a partner with the One Nation rally. One Nation rally, of course, was the group of radicals this weekend. Radicals, environmental revolutionaries and communists that endorsed, I guess, what's left of the Democratic Party and the President. And the President has endorsed the rally.

Beck gets to the One Nation rally through the climate campaign, which has partnered with both the rally and 10:10 Global. He says you can find this out by scrolling down on's website. But Beck apparently scrolled past this post from earlier today, in which says that the 10:10 Global video is "gross," "crazy," and "disdainful." In fact, released a statement last week denouncing the video, which the organization said "is diametrically opposed to everything we and this movement stands for." The statement further said:

We respect 10:10's previous work to encourage companies, schools, and churches to voluntarily cut their carbon emissions 10%. Upon seeing the video, however, we have informed 10:10 that we can no longer remain partners on 10/10/10 or any other initiative.

But seriously, be afraid.

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