Newsbusters' Tim Graham embraces incoherency

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The notion of what passes for conservative "media criticism" has always been rather generous, and at Brent Bozell's Newsbusters it often means posting attack items because journalists report irrefutable facts that conservatives don't like. (Biased!) But increasingly, the Newsbusters team doesn't even try to camouflage their weird rants as having anything to do with media or media criticism.

Which brings us to the latest from Tim Graham, who was last seen weirdly lashing out at the CNN reporter who was reportedly targeted for a James O'Keefe prank. (Graham piped down after boss Bozell called O'Keefe's alleged plan "ugly, dishonest, and filthy.")

What sets Graham off this time is the New York Times' utterly straight-forward report detailing MSNBC launching a new brand awareness campaign:

Here was how Graham's incoherent attack began:

New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter found it easy Tuesday to embrace the idea that liberalism means forward progress.
Slight problem: The Times' Stelter never wrote in his piece that "liberalism means forward progress." (He simply reported that MSNBC was embracing its "progressive identity.") Graham just made up that claim, and then attacked Stelter for it. (Neat trick.)

Then check out this deep-thinking analysis from Graham regarding MSNBC new tag line: "Lean Forward":

It can also easily be mocked as lean forward, as in to vomit -- or lean forward in a bow, as Obama does to foreign leaders.

So, Graham's suggesting that in its news article about MSNBC's new "Lean Forward" ad campaign, the Times should have mentioned that that phrase could also reference vomiting? Okaaaaay.

And here's Graham, after noting the Times article reported that director Spike Lee was hired to direct the new MSNBC commercials:

Stelter didn't suggest that perhaps Olbermann could throw a trash can through the window of a pizza parlor, and then burn it down -- as in the crucial police-brutality-race-riot scene in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.
Like I said, the bar for right-wing "media criticism" has always been ankle-high. But somehow Graham regularly manages to crash into it.
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