Beck's latest "great" book club pick sees "the threshold of Armageddon" in recent "global financial earthquakes"

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Glenn Beck has a history of off-the-wall book recommendations, running the gamut from books packed with racism and anti-semitism to a book predicting that the current generation could be man's last (thanks to Armageddon.) Here he goes again:

Today's book recommended by Beck ("great," "unbelievable") is The Coming Economic Armageddon by David Jeremiah. It is described by Jeremiah's website as follows:

The chapters of this book are about these end-time occurrences and the financial warnings that are pointing us toward the Armageddon of the Bible. While that Armageddon is still in the future, the trembling of our financial foundations is a call for us to "awake out of sleep, for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed" (Romans 13:11).

The introduction to Coming Economic Armageddon states:

As global financial earthquakes continue to increase in frequency and intensity, many are beginning to wonder if we are on the threshold of Armaggedon!

Jeremiah justifies his usage of "Armageddon" by noting that the word has been used by some analysts such as CBS' Allan Roth to describe the lows of the stock market in 2009. Jeremiah also notes that Minority Leader John Boehner used it to refer to the effects of the health care bill, while President Obama described the heavy snowfall in February as "snowmageddon."

Jeremiah quickly assures us that he's not dealing in metaphors or hyperbole. He's concerned about the actual Armageddon:

I chose to use that word in the title of this book because it pictures the catastrophic conditions that will prevail on the earth in the end times and because many of those conditions are beginning to be visible today. For the past three years, I have devoted my study to the identification and understanding of these prophetic attributes.

Somewhere in the middle of my investigation, I began to notice a financial thread running through the center of these end-time events, it wasn't long before I could see how that thread pulled things together.

In case that wasn't clear enough, Jeremiah writes:

The ten chapters of this book are about these end-time occurences and the financial warnings that are pointing us toward the Armageddon of the Bible.

Beck also promotes the Coming Economic Armageddon by noting that it explains the "ties" between the global financial crisis and the "new world order" that is presumably coming along soon. The book's introduction makes it clear that "our world is ripe for globalization" and that "[p]oliticians, economists, scientists, and futurists have long sought such a supranational unity."

In the conclusion to the introduction, Jeremiah says "we cannot help but wonder if the Antichrist is waiting in the wings" as banks merge and financial regulations are centralized.

This is the book that Beck is recommending to his listeners.

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