Really? Doocy finds secret anti-military messages in Time cover


On Fox & Friends today, Steve Doocy followed in Pam Geller's proud tradition of finding ridiculous imaginary secret messages, in order to level a baseless attack against Time Magazine.

Doocy told us this morning that he found it "interesting" that the most recent Time cover story of "The Secret World of Extreme Militias" is illustrated with a picture of a militia member wearing his militia garb. Sounds perfectly normal you say? But what if the militia member's "appears" to have a Marine logo on it?

If you said that many militias have a strong paramilitary tradition and as such often adopt military-like garb, then you clearly don't have Doocy's special ability to discover "subtle message[s]," because he thinks it just might be that Time is "trying to send a subtle message that the Marine Corps is part of the Extreme Militia." No really:

Doocy's divining powers are truly astounding. I wonder what subtle messages he would divine from a "fair and balanced" news organization that appears to be constantly campaigning for one political party.

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