Are Breitbart bloggers forbidden from writing about the O'Keefe "prank"?

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Did Andrew Breitbart send out marching orders to his conservative websites in the wake of yesterday's embarrassing revelations regarding Breitbart's protégé James O'Keefe and how he and his buddies allegedly plotted to secretly film a CNN reporter aboard a boat filled with sex toys? It sure looks that way, as the Breitbart sites continue to black out the big news.

The story erupted all over the Internet (not to mention CNN), yet Breitbart's sites were silent about the breaking, controversial story that involved one of Breibart's own contributors. Especially odd was the silence that emanated from Breitbart's Big Journalism, which, obviously is devoted to the examining the media, and specifically political media. But on Wednesday, apparently nobody had time to write about James O'Keefe.

That's why I wonder if orders were sent out, declaring the story off-limits. I mean, look at Big Journalism's list of contributors. I count nearly 300 people who write for the site. And you're telling me that as the shocking news of the O'Keefe tale broke, not one of them wanted to write about it on Big Journalism? Not one of them wanted to weigh in?

Over at Big Government, there are nearly 500 listed contributors. But again, none of them had a single thought they wanted to share on Big Government about the story involving O'Keefe, whose work the site has hyped in the past?

I don't buy it.

My hunch is editorial orders went out announcing the story was off-limits. If so, what's Breitbart afraid of?

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