Note to Newsbusters: Stop imagining things

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More goofy "media criticism" from Brent Bozell's team.

Here's the headline:

George Stephanopoulos Parrots Democratic Talking Points on New GOP Pledge: They're 'Repealing Health Care'

That seems like an odd beef, since Republicans have been quite vocal about wanting to repeal Obama's health care reform. So what's the problem here?

From the nut graph [emphasis added]:
In a tease for the segment, he spun, "Republicans unveil their plan for America: Cutting taxes and repealing health care." It may seem like a small distinction but Republicans oppose the new law, not the concept of Americans having health care.

Ah, because Stephanopoulos, aping "talking points" we're told, said that the GOP wants to repeal "health care" and not "health care reform," Newsbusters thinks people might be misled into thinking the Republican Party now wants to eliminate all health care for Americans.

Ugh. Please make this type of "analysis" stop.

And oh yeah, here's now Stephanopoulos later addressed the topic:

The two central items in the agenda, are extending the tax cuts passed under President Bush. Repealing the health care law by President Obama.

So much for adhering to the Dem talking points.

George Stephanopoulos
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