Note to D'Souza: CNBC's Cramer calls Obama "pro-business"


Over at Forbes, Dinesh D'Souza recently spun a fantastic tale about how Obama's family heritage makes it impossible for him to support American business. Or something. (Instead, he champions anti-colonialist policies.)

But yesterday on Mad Money, Host Jim Cramer had this to say [emphasis added]:

"Do you know why this market went up and stayed up today, with the Dow voting 146 points, S&P rising one-and-a-half percent? Because today during the fantastic CNBC-hosted town hall with El Presidente, we got the ultimate confirmation that we are seeing a new and improved more pro-business President Obama! And that's change the market can believe in."

And yes, this is the same Cramer who last year attacked Obama's "radical" agenda, and blamed him for overseeing "the most, greatest wealth destruction I've seen by a President."

So no, not a cheerleader.

(h/t Newsbusters!)

Dinesh D'Souza, Jim Cramer
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